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Company Profile

Utility Telematics Ltd was founded in 2001 in Guildford, Surrey.  Now located in rural North Herefordshire, the Company specialises in the supply of bespoke Information Systems and SCADA Telecommunications for the Utility Sector.  The Company's portfolio includes the provision of Information Systems software, SCADA Systems firmware and specialised hardware design.

Selected Projects

Real Time Decision Support System for an FT 100 Client

Utility Telematics Ltd has a five year contract running to December 2020 to update and thereafter maintain a "real time", business critical, monitoring and decision support system using an array of 12 distributed servers and up to 50 client workstations.  The contract provides for new, bespoke, Front End Processor "FEP" equipment for servers, and substantial functional upgrades to both server and client software.  The FEP equipment provides multichannel high resolution measurement and application specific timing services.

Energy Demand Management System

Utility Telematics Ltd continues to support its unique system to allow remote management of energy demand at the site of a substatntial consumer.  The system deploys a bespoke RTU with a data center located server and a number of distributed workstations.  System status is constantly monitored and when warning of an impending energy demand peak is given a decision is made wether to allow it to proceed or if the operation is to be blocked.

SCADA Protocol Converters

Utility Telematics Ltd retains the expertise for its range of SCADA Protocol Convertors.  Although not actively supporting any product, advice and consultancy remains available for all existing installed equipment.

Legal Notices

Utility Telematics Ltd is a limited liability company registered in England and Wales.  The Company registration number is 4320690

The registered office and postal address of the Company is: Avenue Lodge, Staunton-on-Arrow, LEOMINSTER, HR6 9LE

Public domain information about the company including the names of directors may be obtained from the Companies House website.

A copy of our General Data Protection Regulations Compliance & Policy Statement is available on request to the registered office of the company.  Please supply an e-mail address to which it can be sent in PDF format.  We will not retain the information supplied so that we can action the request.

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